A Hawaii meditation group in Honolulu, Katogmatiling practices Tibetan Buddhism under the guidance of Khentrul Lodrö T’hayé Rinpoche. Our monthly Meditation sessions are free and open to the public. No previous meditation experience is required. In addition to meditation, we gather monthly for Dharma Study Group, engage in Compassion in Action by volunteering in Hawaii prisons, and sponsor teaching Events with visiting authentic lamas.

Our Mission is to support one another in taming our minds and cultivating wisdom and compassion for the benefit of all beings. Like Hawaii, our community of practitioners is multicultural and we warmly welcome everyone.

About Our Teacher

Khentrul Lodrö T’hayé Rinpoche was born in Tibet. He became a monk at age seven and spent his life studying meditation and techniques for working with the mind to bring about positive change. During his training he received three Khenpo degrees -- a Khenpo is equivalent to a PhD -- from the most prominent Buddhist universities in the world. He is the abbot of a monastery in Eastern Tibet, and has been teaching in the West since 2002.

He oversees more than twenty meditation groups across the United States and Canada and travels the world to lecture at universities, institutions, and private organizations. Rinpoche is an environmentalist and an advocate of vegetarianism. Of the Nyingma tradition---the oldest form of Tibetan Buddhism---his teachings focus on changing oneself as a way to change the world. For more information about Rinpoche, and to listen to free recordings of his teachings, please visit katog.org.

Khentrul Rinpoche visits Hawaii yearly to give teachings and hold retreats .

To stay informed about Katog Mati Ling Oahu activities such as when Rinpoche and/or other guest teachers will be visiting Hawaii, please write us at contact@katogmatiling.org